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Marvellous Mum

Eclipse HomeCare has some excellent caregivers who are ‘Marvellous Mums’.

Finding a meaningful job that offers the hours and flexibility to fit around family life is difficult and this is where a career in homecare can work so well. Marvelous Mums love the freedom that comes with being out and about in the community as well as the extra cash it generates. With your life experience and our training and support you can make some really positive changes in your life.

This is what some of our ‘Marvellous Mums’ had to say about us:

Laura P, Caregiver Bromsgrove

“I am a full time mum to my 2 boys, having been helping out with my mum who was a double amputee and sadly died in 2011.

With Eclipse I find it very rewarding and love helping other people and making day to day life easier for them. Also I feel I am living (contributing) and not just existing. This job has had a positive impact for me and my boys, with support from the company.

My biggest concern before starting was how I would balance home, children work life etc. but this has all worked out fine. There have been a few ups and downs but I have a great supportive Area Team Leader and Coordinator.

I genuinely do speak highly of Eclipse. I love that we have regular clients, don’t travel miles, work with other lovely supportive caregivers. Feels like the family I don’t have.

In my spare time (what’s that lol) I spend time with my boys 8 and 11 and helping out with charities. I’m currently supporting ‘The Brain Tumor Charity’ at events between Worcester and Oxford.’’

Nikki R, Caregiver (plus assistant Co-ordinator for maternity cover) Kidderminster

“When I left school I was a supervisor in petrol station, then I had a two year gap to start my family, and then I became a caregiver because I could see that the flexible hours were going to suit my home life with a young family.

Home care is honestly the most rewarding job I've ever done. When you finish for the day you feel like you've made a difference, however small if you do a little extra for a client and they are truly grateful. It's the best feeling. 

Before I started doing the job I was wasn’t really sure about doing personal care with bathing and stuff but the training and shadowing with other caregivers was a great help and now I love it. 

I like working for Eclipse because if you show enthusiasm and motivation then they do notice and help you to further yourself.’’

Lynda J, Caregiver Teme Valley

‘’I left school and started working straight away in a care home. I’m not sure why but I am very pleased I did. I had a 13 year break to bring up my three girls and get over 6 months of chemotherapy to sort out my cancer, and then I joined Eclipse doing care at home rather than being in a care home.

I love working for Eclipse and don’t feel I could ever leave. All the clients are nice (just the odd grumpy one!) and the staff are caring towards me, it feels like it’s my home and where I belong.

It is very rewarding going into someone’s home and bring some happiness into their life with a joke and a laugh.

I couldn’t go back to working in a nursing home now (even if it was a lot more money) because it feels like such a closed environment with no breathing space for the carer. With Eclipse I go in and make a difference and then you are on to the next one, so you have your freedom and responsibility.

My spare time is spent doing the things I love – cooking, walking the dog and knitting……lots of baby blankets for my children and friends. I am going to be a granny for the first time in February which is exciting and it going to be the first boy in the family.’’