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The Eclipse HomeCare difference

We have satisfied clients with better outcomes because Our Guiding Principles are built around:

  1. Respect and dignity for all clients at all times

  2. Caregiving team with expertise, experience and a real heart for caring

  3. Client focused outcomes that are expertly managed

  4. Modern communication systems that are reliable and efficient

  5. Our unique Award Winning culture


‘’I do feel that I would not cope now without the support Eclipse HomeCare provide on a daily basis. I have built good relationships with all of the Caregivers which also includes the Management. I have the best carer's in the world.’’ Mrs Janet E, Bromsgove


Details behind the difference...

We have happier clients with better outcomes because our guiding principles are built around:

1.  Respect and dignity for all clients at all times

  • Built on word of mouth and a strong local reputation for delivering excellent care.
  • Strong management team with years of experience, and full involvement with clients and caregivers alike.
  • Selection and training of the best caregivers in the area local to you.
  • Business founded on Christian principles.
  • 100% Eclipse HomeCare – absolutely no agency staff.


2.  Local caregiving team with expertise, experience and a real heart for caring

  • Longstanding and committed team of excellent caregivers.
  • Unique and rigorous selection, training and lifetime development programmes.
  • The best in-house training and development of caregivers. Every caregiver goes through the same induction and practical shadowing process – regardless of how much experience they may have on paper – and can only be finally approved by one of our Registered Managers.
  • Every caregiver has their own unique development programme that is regularly reviewed and updated with their Area Team Leader (ATL) to ensure their ongoing development and use of the latest techniques and thinking.


3.  Client focused outcomes that are expertly managed

  • Your local team is based ‘just around the corner’.
  • You have one point of contact right from the start.
  • One individual responsible for agreeing your care plan with you and then ensuring it is delivered to your satisfaction (your own dedicated Area Team Leader – ‘ATL’).
  • Bespoke care plans for your loved one that are personalised to reflect their individual needs. (See think Local Act Personal website www.thinklocalactpersonal.org.uk for further information on these principles).
  • Regular reviews to ensure changing needs are recognised and met.


4.  Modern communication systems that are reliable and efficient

  • Small care teams, each lead by an Area Team Leader and supported by a Care Visit Coordinator and locally based Registered Manager.
  • Ongoing investment in software and proven communication technology that allows for ‘real time’ communication of changes (medication, visit schedules etc.) directly to all our caregivers, with all caregivers carrying a modern Android phone which has full access to our system.
  • Excellent reviews from private clients (Homecare.co.uk), and regular independent inspections from the Care Quality Commission (CQC, UK regulatory body) and Local Authorities including Worcester County Council (WCC).


5.  Our unique award winning culture

  • A belief that every visit counts.
  • Our ‘Upside Down’ company tree approach – we see our clients and caregivers at the top of our company tree with the management team and MD at the bottom – supporting our lovely caregivers with the right information and training delivered at the right time to allow them to give a truly excellent service to our clients.
  • Created through a clear focus and adoption of Our Guiding Principles at every level of the business.
  • An absolute desire to engage with, support and develop clients and caregivers alike.
  • Privately owned by locally based Directors (rather than a franchise or nationally run operation) with a broad range of skills and experiences.
  • Having built the business from the ground up over the last 10 years, the Directors have a very detailed working knowledge of the business and its clients. All clients have the owner’s mobile phone number and can ring at any time with any questions they may have.


’The care being given is very good. Each carer is friendly and conscientious with excellent supervision from their Area Team Leader. I would recommend this company.’’    Mr Keith A, Kidderminster  


Please contact us today to discuss your care needs. If we can’t help you, we will point you in the right direction.


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Registered and regularly inspected by the Care Quality Commission, Worcestershire County Council and Investors in People.