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Busy Bee Retiree

Eclipse HomeCare has some excellent caregivers who have join us out of retirement.

People who always had a heart for caring and have wanted to put something back into society. Our Busy Bee Retirees love the responsibility that comes with having your own clients whilst being out and about in the community. With your life experience and our training and support you really will keep busy and make a big difference to people’s lives.

This is what some of our ‘Busy Bee Retirees’ had to say about us:

Pam D, Caregiver Teme Valley

“I have been involved in the care sector for the past 39 years now. I started off looking after disabled people in a 50 bed home.

For 13 years in the middle I was a mother at home bringing up my 2 kids – now 52 and 48! – and working on the land collecting cider apples, blackcurrants and potatoes and looking after an old man, doing his cleaning and meals.

I actually joined the care sector for the money. I had just left school and there was a vacancy at the local residential home as a cleaner. After 3 weeks I liked what I had seen the carers were doing so I joined the care team.

I find care at home very rewarding because I can see the smiles on people’s faces and the appreciation (most of the time!) and that’s why I came back out of retirement to join Eclipse. It keeps my busy doing something that makes a difference and gives me some extra money.

I don’t do a huge number of hours a week which is great, and the wages are always accurate and paid on time, so I can see exactly how my paid is made up

Finding clients homes used to be tricky but with the new sat nav we have on our company phones its made it much easier, even though I am not brill with IT.

In my spare time I like going with my husband on his motorbike which he has had since he was 16. We both have leathers and an intercom and have traveled all over the place, even to France, Italy and Switzerland. His favourite bike is his 1000cc Honda Blackbird which I am pleased to say he hasn’t fallen off since he ‘grew up’ even though his nickname in ‘’mad un’!’’

Betty P, Caregiver Kidderminster

“Before I became a carer I did several things including RSPCA foster carer, receptionist for Holistic Clinic, Homemaker and Mom!

I do love my job and believe that keeping clients at home and as independent as they can be is just so much better than being in a Care Home (in most cases). To be able to put a smile on the face of a house bound or lonely elderly person is a great feeling.

Getting to know the families and easing their burden is also great. Having been in the position of caring for a terminal parent I know it is hard work and emotional. Being able to help or just chat to someone else is often enough.

I decided to become a caregiver after seeing the care my Mom had after her stroke. I was unable to care for her as she was in Canada. As I couldn't help her I thought I could help others.  

Before I started doing the job I was anxious about doing the job right and having to take the Care Certificate but once I got (on the job) I was fine. I like being with people and the training was good and this put my mind at rest when taking my Diploma’s.

I thought I was too old to go back to school but it was much better this time around, and I actually really enjoyed the Diploma’s.

Eclipse has been very good (not always perfect) but they do keep caregivers informed and value them. They are prepared to pay for extra time and don't put pressure on one to do more that we feel happy with. So pretty good really.

We love our caravan and go as often as possible. I like to walk and miss my dog who we lost a few years ago. I love to spend time with my children (all grown up now) and Grandchildren even though they are not living very near now.’’