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Respite Care

Everyone needs a break. Caring can be very physically and emotionally demanding, and we recognise that occasionally, a rest is required. Eclipse Homecare’s qualified caregivers can offer short-term respite care - whether that’s a few days a fortnight or a little longer - to enable your current carer to take a well-earned break. During this time, you’ll receive high-quality one-to-one respite care from one of our highly-trained caregivers, ensuring your needs continue to be met without any disruption.

As a respected care provider regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC), you can rest assured that you or your loved one is safe in the hands of trusted professionals and receiving the very best care.

It doesn’t matter if respite care is needed at short notice, our team are happy to deploy quickly to seamlessly continue the high-level of care that has already been provided. Alternatively, if a holiday is planned, we can work with you throughout the planning process, providing guidance and advice on how we can help. Either way, we’ll ensure both the person being cared for - and the carer - has full peace of mind.

Whether it’s condition-led care, companionship or assistance for someone with a disability, we’re able to help.

What types of Respite Care do we offer?

The needs of our customers are of the utmost importance, therefore we always strive to provide the ultimate level of flexibility to accommodate your requirements. As a result, we’re able to provide the following types of respite care:

●      Live-in care - Our comprehensive live-in care services provide a dedicated, qualified carer to live in your house, providing 24/7 company and care.

●      Daily visiting care - We can visit for an appropriate period fo time once, twice or three  times a day - or weekly if required - just to provide a bit of extra care and support.

●      Day care - We’re able to take the person to receive high-quality care at an accredited day centre.


We appreciate that things happen in life where you may need to rapidly arrange short-term care, especially in the event of a family emergency or something unexpected. That’s why we’re well-equipped to react quickly to ensure your loved one continues to receive the care they need and deserve.

What does a respite carer do?

We’ll support your every need, ensuring a smooth transition from your normal carer so that everything continues as usual. Whether we live in your home 24/7 or simply provide a visiting care service, we’ll create a bespoke care plan aligned with your needs and wishes. This is agreed prior to any care commencing to ensure we meet your requirements to the highest standards.

Typically, Eclipse Homecare’s trained carers can:

  • Provide comprehensive nursing care
  • Give personal care, such as helping you to shower and toilet
  • Help with mobility support, aiding movement around your home
  • Ensure medication is taken in the correct dosages at the right times
  • Provide companionship and support
  • Prepare and cook meals, including picking up any shopping needed
  • Keep on top of general housekeeping
  • Arrange visits out of the home to see family and friends
  • Care for your pets

Of course, you may well have a daily routine you stick to with your regular carer. We’ll pay attention to detail and follow any schedule you’d like us to in order to ensure consistency in your care. Whatever you need, we’ve got skilled caring professionals at hand to help you.

Arrange Respite Care with Eclipse Homecare

It’s simple to arrange world-class respite care with our friendly staff. Simply give us a call with any questions you may have and we’ll arrange a no-obligation meeting, enabling you to discuss your needs and requirements. Our qualified experts will be able to tailor your preferences to a suitable carer within our team that matches what you’re looking for. Ultimately, it’s about making sure you’re completely comfortable, ensuring a non-disruptive transition while your regular carer is away.