As we celebrate World Kindness Day on 13th November 2023, here are 7 ways to make kindness the norm in your daily life:

  1. Send an uplifting text to a friend of family.
  2. Let that guy merge into traffic with a wave and a smile.
  3. Include intentional moments of kindness, laughter and delight in your daily routine.
  4. Go slightly out of your comfort zone once a day to make someone smile.
  5. Share a compliment with a co-worker or friend.
  6. Reach out to a family member you haven’t spoken to for a while.
  7. Treat someone to a coffee (friend, stranger or even yourself)

Make kindness the norm.

Rob Gready from Eclipse HomeCare was recently invited to be a guest panelist on a webinar to discuss how COVID-19 will impact hiring and staffing in organisations across the UK, as well as the Health and Social Care Sector as a whole.

Recording of the webinar discussing:

  • What short-term action plans can you make to maintain business continuity?
  • Can we expect a shift in attitude towards Care Workers and the industry as a whole?
  • How are Healthcare Hiring Managers adapting to the current situation?
  • Can we expect a whole new labour market to develop?​

We are delighted to announce that Eclipse Homecare has achieved a Gold Award from Investors in People.

Their report is as follows:

’You have made significant improvements in key areas since your last full IIP Review in 2017 of which some were acknowledged at the 12 and 24-month review visits. As a result of a much-improved recruitment and induction process, staff retention has greatly improved, particularly for those in the first 6 months of joining.

Management have been quick to adapt to change such as amending the 5-day care certificate/induction training to a mix of face to face and online training, whilst offering the same high level of support and successful completion.
Roles are designed to help people develop the skills they need to progress whilst policies and processes are being reviewed to ensure they help people act quickly, particularly to meet client needs/expectations.
Changes are communicated well. New ideas are usually trialled, with the outcomes of pilots being shared and used to inform how changes are deployed.
There is evidence of more collaborative working across Eclipse as a whole. People feel encouraged to share good practice and expertise and to create informal networks both digitally and face to face.
People understand the Eclipse vision and strategy and how they contribute to your success.
Communication was described as excellent, staff said they feel they are kept well informed of what’s going on and this ranges from day to day activities taking place and longer-term future plans such as that of growing the business i.e. more private contracts.
People truly believe the values are at the heart of the organisation and are guiding principles to the way they work.
Leaders, managers and people are more consistently acting in line with Eclipse values and behaviours.
Staff are incredibly loyal and committed to giving their best, in these challenging times due to the Coronavirus pandemic, caregivers are going above and beyond.
People genuinely believe that management care about the health and wellbeing of staff with numerous examples given of support and solutions offered.
Managers are approachable, supportive and positive role models.
Line managers spend time reviewing performance regularly and constructively.
Your approach to learning and development ensures needs are addressed using a range of innovative solutions and that people are encouraged and supported to achieve their potential.’’
The whole team at Eclipse Homecare growing business is very proud to have awarded IIP Gold Status and have their innovative work and achievements recognised by such a professional body.

Chris Martyn-Smith. HR Director

Posted on 06/01/2021 More in Recent News

Public Health England survey indicates homecare is relatively safe compared to residential care.

The prevalence of COVID 19 amongst homecare caregivers is similar to the general population, according to the results of a pilot survey undertaken by Public Health England.

Previous reports had assumed that homecare caregivers experienced similar risks of transmission as those in residential care, which now appears inaccurate.

Dr Jane Townson, the CEO of UK Homecare Association said “Homecare has proved itself relatively safe and our amazing workforce has been a lifeline to many.

Please click here to see the full survey.

One of our wonderful carers, Rachel Rainsford, told the Worcester News about a day in the life of a carer amidst the coronavirus pandemic, discussing what it’s like to be front-line care giver in the current COVID-19 crisis.

“As I turn to walk through the door I look at my client, my friend, and am saddened that I cannot hug him as we usually do. He is worried, I can see it in his eyes, worried for himself and worried for me.”

What is life like on the frontline for carers?

Find out more here:


Rob Gready from Eclipse HomeCare spoke to Midlands Today about the COVID-19 outbreak, and its effect on the care sector, in particular with recruitment.



More and more elderly people are choosing to stay in the familiar comfort of their own homes rather than leave for a retirement home. This accelerating trend across the UK has resulted in an increase in the number of companies offering ‘Live in Care’ services.

Eclipse HomeCare is a well established Worcestershire Care in the Home firm that launched a new ‘Live in Service’ 6 months ago.

Company Director, Chris Martyn-Smith confirmed ‘’We have many excellent caregivers who visit hundreds of clients in their own homes everyday but we are struggling to keep up with demand for Live in Care. We can deliver a high level of Live in Care service because we only operate in the local area. This means local clients supported by a team that is based locally. It’s all about understanding elderly people and their individual needs and concerns and this requires local contact and support.’’

National Government and Local councils are increasingly looking to companies like Eclipse HomeCare to provide a better, more cost effective service but Eclipse recognise that it’s not all plain sailing as Chris confirmed ‘Eclipse HomeCare’s biggest issue is finding the right people to train. The work can be physically and emotionally demanding, so you need a caring heart. We have many well paid carer vacancies that we have been struggling to fill over the last 6 weeks despite offering fully paid up training’’.

More information on care services in your area and what funding is available you should visit the NHS website at

Bromsgrove District Housing Trust has confirmed that the Extra Care contract at Gilbert Court, Charford, Bromsgrove has been awarded to Eclipse HomeCare.

Eclipse HomeCare are a well establish provider of care in the home across Worcestershire and Rob Gready, Managing Director said he was ‘‘delighted to be given the opportunity to bring a fresh approach to the provision of Extra Care at home in Bromsgrove, and to be taking on such a well establish team of local caregivers’’.

He went on to say that his vision for the expanded service involved much more local interaction with the offering of a range of new activities such as bus trips, film nights, double top darts, knit & natter and a ‘just for men’ social group to all elderly residents, who could get to Gilbert Court, at very low cost.

He also wanted to do more for local residents with mild dementia with the creation of interactive group sessions, and at the same time plans on establishing a new ‘Care at Home’ service in the New Year.

His main concern reflected the current levels of strong employment in the area ‘’Eclipse HomeCare has a good reputation as an employer but we are new to Bromsgrove and my biggest concern is that we will not be able to fill our current job vacancies quickly enough to deliver these new and exciting services on time and we would welcome enquiries from anyone with a caring heart’’.

The Mayor of Worcester met with Chris Martyn-Smith at the recent Retirement Show held in the Guild Hall and was delighted to hear of the initiatives the local company is pursuing in an effort to raise local awareness of dementia.

Chris said that ‘’Eclipse HomeCare wants to help families who want a better understanding of how best to support loved ones living with the onset of dementia. This is a problem that families are increasingly having to deal with and our monthly briefings from one of our clients provide a practical insight in how best individuals can be supported whilst at home’’.

Alzheimers UK estimate that there are currently 850,000 people with dementia in the UK and that this number will rise to 1,000,000 by 2025. This is represents 1 out of every 3 people over the age of 85, so the hard fact is that many families will be touched by dementia at some stage.

The next talk in Worcester is planned for the evening of Tuesday 26th April. For more details please email

As a third of those over the age of 85 are likely to suffer from one form of dementia or another most of us at some time will have to deal with the consequences of dementia.

Eclipse HomeCare is hosting a number of talks aimed at raising awareness of the issues that family and friends are likely to face when supporting a loved one living with dementia.

Martin Bond’s mother passed away in September 2014, following an eight year battle with vascular dementia. During this period of her life Martin was her primary caregiver, supported by Eclipse HomeCare. He built up a wealth of practical knowledge which he wants to put to good use.

Martin has retired as a teacher and now has the time to share his personal experience in a series of talks with families across Worcestershire, Herefordshire and Shropshire who are currently, or will in time, have to deal with all or some of the issues that come with dementia.

Martin’s talk reveals his personal experience in non technical terms from the early onset of his mother’s dementia all the way through to the final stage. As well as sharing his family’s journey he highlights practical steps that can be taken to help loved ones and signposts third party support.

The talk lasts less than an hour and all are welcome. Please feel free to pass on the invitation below to all parties that may have an interest or email me for further information:


“Living with Dementia – my personal experience”
You are invited to Martin Bond’s talk on Dementia, aimed at
raising awareness, sharing of coping strategies and sign posting of options.


There are a limited number of places at each talk so please make contact to confirm date and location of our next briefing and reserve your seat.

Please pass on this invitation to all parties that may be interested.