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Empty Nester

Eclipse HomeCare has some excellent caregivers who have join us once their children have ‘flown the nest’. 

For some working out what to do next can be a challenging time. Our busy team of Empty Nesters love the responsibility that comes with having your own clients whilst being out and about in the community. With your life experience and our training and support you really will keep busy and make a big difference to people’s lives. 

This is what some of our ‘Empty Nesters’ had to say about us:

Lynda J, Caregiver Teme Valley

“I left school and started working straight away in a care home. I’m not sure why but I am very pleased I did. I had a 13 year break to bring up my three girls and get over 6 months of chemotherapy to sort out my cancer, and then I joined Eclipse doing care at home rather than being in a care home.

I love working for Eclipse and don’t feel I could ever leave. All the clients are nice (just the odd grumpy one!) and the staff are caring towards me, it feels like it’s my home and where I belong.

It is very rewarding going into someone’s home and bring some happiness into their life with a joke and a laugh.

I couldn’t go back to working in a nursing home now (even if it was a lot more money) because it feels like such a closed environment with no breathing space for the carer. With Eclipse I go in and make a difference and then you are on to the next one, so you have your freedom and responsibility.

My spare time is spent doing the things I love – cooking, walking the dog and knitting……lots of baby blankets for my children and friends. I am going to be a granny for the first time in February which is exciting and it going to be the first boy in the family.’’

Kim T, Caregiver and Area Team Leader St Johns

“My name is Kim and I have worked at Eclipse for over 3 years now.

I started off working as a Care Coordinator but very soon realised I missed the interaction with clients, so I went on to become an Area Team Leader, which I thoroughly enjoy.

I have a full team of caregivers ranging from the young women to the more mature ladies and together we look after our clients.

Before working for Eclipse I worked as a Support Worker in Kidderminster, I had been there for 5 years and have thoroughly enjoyed the change to Eclipse.

Apart from working I do have some time left for my family and I have now been re-married for just under 1 year. I have 2 grown up girls (ladies) and later this year I am due to become a nan for the first time, and early next year my eldest daughter is getting married. So all very exciting.’’

Kathryn F, Caregiver Worcester

“I have now been a caregiver for more than four years. Before that I was teaching English in France.

I have to say that it’s lovely to be in a position to help people live their lives in the best way possible, to be a part of their happiness or recovery. Giving cheerfully to others has it’s own rewards.

When I came back from France and started to look for a job in Worcester, it was either teaching English as a foreign language or caring. I met someone from Eclipse who explained about the work and decided this was the job for me.

Before I started I was anxious about making mistakes. Other people’s health was at the heart of the job and I worried about missing signs that something was wrong, or making a mistake with the medication.

There was comprehensive training before I could start work and then I was able to shadow other caregivers who had experience before I ever went out on my own. Once I was out on my own I knew that there would always be someone available with advise if I did have a problem. I appreciate having good and careful support from my team leader.

Working in care at home is like dropping in on lots of nice people and helping them along in some way. Of course like any job it has it’s challenging characters.

In my spare time I like gardening, growing my own organic vegetables and long walks in the countryside. Music is a life long hobby, I play guitar and am currently a member of a local choir and raising money for charities.’’