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Ageing Redefined Pilot Study

Did You Know:
Research shows it is possible to transform the lives of older adults.
This is because only 25% of age related decline is due to genetics; the other 75% is influenced by the way we live our lives.

Our Mission:
Is to improve the quality of our clients’ lives and to promote independence whenever possible.

Our Care:
We have a team of highly trained, lovely Caregivers who will assist you to live at home and encourage you to be as independent as possible. The objective is to support you to do more for yourself - consistent with your wishes.

ADL Smartcare:
ADL Smartcare is a company set up by Professor Peter Gore of the Institute of Aging at Newcastle University. His company, with input from many, many health care professionals, has developed an approach to assisting older adults with independence-promoting interventions that have been shown to slow age-related decline.

What Does This Mean:
Our staff will carry out a simple assessment of each of our clients on an APP known as the ADL LifeCurve™, which simply shows how well someone copes with 15 Activities of Daily Living (ADLs). We can then look at a range of things (interventions) that can support you to undertake that Activity of Daily Living, or regain a lost ability.

Some Examples of Interventions:

1. A simple LifeCurve™ Goal will be set for each client.

For example:

People frequently stop having a bath as they get older because they feel they may not be able to get out of the bath safely; it’s slippery, which presents a risk of falling, plus most baths are low down, so it requires a level of leg and arm strength to push up and flexibility too.

Showering can also present difficulties as it requires you to be able to stand and balance whilst you wash your hair and body.

So, in order to maintain or reactivate your skills we have selected balance, leg strengthening, arm strengthening and flexibility exercises to improve overall health.


2. Reactivation Activities:

These are based around simple physical activity which is designed to help you to regain muscle strength and balance.

You have heard the saying “use it or lose it” and this is very much the case with mobility.

Our Caregivers will help you with simple but effective exercises.

Did you know that it is possible to double the muscle mass in your legs in an eight week period with simple exercises using resistance bands?


3.  Reablement with Helpful Advice and Hints:

Our approach can help to find solutions to those difficult to do tasks, often with the help of simple but effective equipment or aids. For example, many older people find it difficult to stand up


4. Re-engaging in Local Community:
We will encourage people to think about how they might be able to participate in local community. For example, one of our Caregivers encouraged a socially isolated older man to visit our weekly darts club at Gilbert Court, Bromsgrove. The man, who seldom left home, is now a keen and regular member of the darts club. Many of our clients have been enabled socially by our caregivers.

What Does This Mean For You?
Our lovely Caregivers will work with you to ensure you are safe and comfortable, but also help you whenever possible to regain as much independence as possible, and build social relationships.

Watch our Ageing Redefined Pilot Study testimonial videos here

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